Chinese in Xingyi

Màizi Shānzhuāng

On the western edge of Upper Nahui village and with a lovely outdoor seating area, this restaurant serves up delicious dishes such as green pepper pork (青椒炒肉丝, qīngjiāo chǎo ròusī; ¥30), soy sauce braised fish...

Dumplings in Anshun

Bǎinián Lǎozìhao

The Shanghai-style steamed buns, dumplings and pot stickers served here are good for a quick and cheap bite. To order, simply point to a picture or one of the bamboo steamers out front. Also serves congee (粥,...

Seafood in Anshun

Liúyìshǒu Kǎoyú

Packed at night, this heaving eatery specialises in tasty grilled fish and hot pot. It’s best to dine as a group, as fish weights start at around 3 jīn (which is 1.8kg).