Top things to do in Guiyang

Top Choice Guizhou in Guiyang

Old Kǎilǐ Sour Fish Restaurant

This local institution has two branches, but the one on Shengfu Lu has superior service and atmosphere (both have Miao waitstaff in traditional garb). Everyone comes for suāntāngyú (酸汤鱼; sour fish soup), a Miao deli…
Buddhist Temple in Guiyang

Hóngfú Temple

Guìyáng's best attraction is a temple complex hidden inside mountainous Qiánlíng Park to the north of the city. Near the top of 1300m Qiánlíng Shān, Hóngfú Temple dates back to the 17th century and is reached via an…
Guizhou in Guiyang

Tree Kitchen

Next door to the Novotel is this homely restaurant set inside a courtyard of a former private residence. The modest menu considers the Western palate in dishes such as barbecued beef and leeks (火烧葱香牛肉; huǒshāo cōng …
Bar in Guiyang


The only cocktail bar in Guìyáng – no beer here. The bartenders were trained in Japan and really know their stuff. Reasonably priced drinks (cocktails from ¥45) and a fine collection of single malts, plus an amiable…
Cafe in Guiyang

Highlands Coffee

An American-owned and -operated coffee shop in the heart of the city may not sound like cause for celebration, but this is a delightful place with comfortable seating (inside and out), superb cheesecake and a seriou…
Park in Guiyang

Qiánlíng Shān Park

Qiánlíng Park, in the northwest of the city, is more forest than park. It's a great escape from the crowds and city noise and has some lovely paths up to the Hóngfú Temple.From the train station area, you can take b…
Guizhou in Guiyang


Here's the quintessential local restaurant writ large, thanks to consistent Guìzhōu cuisine in an unpretentious setting. Hundreds of tables are squeezed in among the alleys off Zhonghua Beilu as diners feast year-ro…
Notable Building in Guiyang

Jiǎxiù Pavilion

Constructed during the Ming dynasty in 1598, this triple-roofed pavilion perched atop a boulder is Guìyáng's most iconic landmark. Built to celebrate the local people as 'the finest and most talented under heaven', …
Craft Beer in Guiyang

Trip Smith

Tucked down one of the many alleys off Qianling Lu, Trip Smith is a small, happening bar that brews its own beer and serves better-than-average Western fare, including pies and burgers. It's in a nondescript grey co…
Buddhist Temple in Guiyang

Cuìwēi Gōngyuán

This city park features a restored Ming dynasty temple with some picturesque pavilions. It's a pleasant place to find some respite from the city noise.