Buddhist Temple in Guìyáng

Hóngfú Temple

Guìyáng's best attraction is a temple complex hidden inside mountainous Qiánlíng Park to the north of the city. Near the top of 1300m Qiánlíng Shān, Hóngfú Temple dates back to the 17th century and is reached via an…
Park in Guìyáng

Qiánlíng Shān Park

Qiánlíng Park, in the northwest of the city, is more forest than park. It's a great escape from the crowds and city noise and has some lovely paths up to the Hóngfú Temple.From the train station area, you can take b…
Notable Building in Guìyáng

Jiǎxiù Pavilion

Constructed during the Ming dynasty in 1598, this triple-roofed pavilion perched atop a boulder is Guìyáng's most iconic landmark. Built to celebrate the local people as 'the finest and most talented under heaven', …
Buddhist Temple in Guìyáng

Cuìwēi Gōngyuán

This city park features a restored Ming dynasty temple with some picturesque pavilions. It's a pleasant place to find some respite from the city noise.
Notable Building in Guìyáng

Wénchāng Pavilion

There's not a lot left of this restored pavilion, but its central location makes it popular with locals. Kite flyers gather at the highest landing.
Square in Guìyáng

Rénmín Square

The vast public square in the centre of town sees the usual mix of market stalls, upbeat tai-chi/aerobics groups and tasty food vendors