Top Choice National Park in Zīyuán

Bājiăozhài National Geopark

This park is named after eight Dānxiá stone peaks that lie near the border with Húnán. Round, isolated, featuring ring-like troughs and leaning 45 degrees in the same direction, they resemble snails sunning themselv…
Hill in Guìlín

Elephant Trunk Hill

At the southern end of Guìlín where the Lí River and the Táohuā River converge, one of Guìlín's best-promoted sights is Elephant Hill Park, where Elephant Trunk Hill – unlike other misshapen lumps of rock with tenuo…
Hill in Guìlín

Folded Brocade Hill

Folded Brocade Hill affords some of Guìlín's best views, complemented by restored pavilions, some originally dating from the Ming dynasty. Climb the stone pathway that leads you through the cooling relief of Wind Ca…
Park in Guìlín

Seven Stars Park

The137-hectare park on the far side of Jiefang Bridge makes for some pleasant strolls if you have the time, though children may like it here more than adults – there are makeshift play areas and a pond where you can…
Park in Guìlín

Solitary Beauty Peak

This park is a peaceful, leafy retreat from the city centre. The entrance fee for the famous lone pinnacle includes admission to an underwhelming 14th-century Ming prince’s mansion (oversold as a ‘palace’). The 152m…
Pagoda in Guìlín

Sun & Moon Twin Pagodas

Elegantly embellishing the scenery of Shān Lake (杉湖; Shān Hú), the Sun and Moon Twin Pagodas, beautifully illuminated at night, are the highlight of a stroll around Guìlín’s two central lakes. The octagonal, seven-s…
Hill in Guìlín

Wave-Subduing Hill

Close to Solitary Beauty Peak and beside the western bank of the Lí River, Wave-Subduing Hill offers fine views of the town. Upon entering the gate, look out for the large rice pot left behind from the Dingyue Templ…
Mountain in Zīyuán

Tiānmén Mountain National Park

Tiānmén Mountain is home to proud cliffs, sharp ravines and dramatic waterfalls of Dānxiá topography, but also lush subtropical foliage, clusters of ash-brown dwellings and crumbling roadside shrines. There are mult…
Gate in Guìlín

South Gate

On the northern shore of Róng Lake, and strikingly illuminated at night, the South Gate (南门; Nán Mén) is the only surviving section of the original Song-dynasty city wall (城墙; chéng qiáng). The area is abuzz with ac…
Lake in Guìlín

Róng Lake

Róng Lake (literally, Banyan Lake), named for an ancient Chinese banyan on its shore, and Shān Lake are an oasis of calm in the urban hub of Guìlín.