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Guìdé National Geological Park

In the stunning multicoloured clay scenery of Dānxiá Canyon (丹霞峡谷; Dānxiá Xiágǔ), this geopark offers walking trails in among red and orange hills that have eroded into other-worldly shapes. Set against the contrast…
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China Fortune Wheel

This enormous, gold-plated Tibetan prayer wheel is turned with the aid of rushing water from the Yellow River (along with some elbow grease). The prayer wheel is 27m tall, 10m in diameter and weighs 200 tonnes, earn…
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Shuǐ Chē Guǎng Chǎng

Ignore the naff waterwheel at this riverside park and get right to the bank of the Yellow River where you can dip your toes in. During summer, some stalls set up selling local food and drinks and you can zip along t…
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Yùhuáng Pavilion

The pricey ticket offers access to the focal point of Guìdé’s old town, a small temple complex built in 1592. It includes a three-storey pagoda, which can be climbed for good views, and a Confucius Temple (文庙; Wén M…
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Museum of Guìdé County

This small museum houses a handful of interesting Ming and Qing artefacts recovered from the local area, but lacks English captions. Near the museum, a small shop rents out bikes for ¥15 per hour.