There are two main sections of Wall here: the Coiled Dragon (蟠龙; Pán Lóng), which runs along the ridge that cuts Gǔběikǒu village in two and which eventually leads to Jīnshānlǐng Great Wall, and Crouching Tiger Mountain (卧虎山; Wò Hǔ Shān), on the other side of the Cháo Hé River (walk through the tunnel, cross the river bridge, and follow the steps you'll soon see on your right). Both make for fabulous hiking, although Crouching Tiger is extraordinarily steep. There are other short splintered sections of Wall, like the one that runs down from Coiled Dragon, past Great Wall Box House. The Wall here is less well defined than at other locations across Běijīng, but the scenery is lush, making for pleasant hiking. Pathways along the Coiled Dragon section have yellow spray-paint markers left over from a Great Wall marathon a few years back, so navigation is less confusing than it might otherwise be.