Bus Station in Guangzhou

Guǎngzhōu East Coach Terminal

Behind Guǎngzhōu East Railway Station. Good for destinations within Guǎngdōng; departures aren’t as frequent as from other stations.
Bus Station in Guangzhou

Guǎngdōng Long-Distance Bus Station

West of the Guǎngzhōu main railway station. There's a smaller long-distance bus station (Guǎngzhōu Shìqìchēzhàn) over the footbridge.
Bus Station in Guangzhou

Tiānhé Bus Station

Most frequent departures to destinations in Guǎngdōng; accessible by metro. Basic English spoken at the information desk.
Bus Station in Guangzhou

Fāngcūn Bus Station

Accessible by metro (Kēngkǒu station, not Fāngcūn). English-speaking staff can sell you tickets at the information desk.
Airport in Guangzhou

Báiyún International Airport

Has two metro stations, with Airport South serving terminal 1 and Airport North serving terminal 2.
Bus Station in Guangzhou

Liúhuā Bus Station

Across Huanshi Xilu in front of the main train station.
Ferry in Guangzhou

Tiānzì Pier

Has ferry trips every 15 to 30 minutes to Canton Tower.
Train Station in Guangzhou

Guǎngzhōu South Railway Station

Train Station in Guangzhou

Guǎngzhōu Main Train Station

Train Station in Guangzhou

Guǎngzhōu East Railway Station