Guangzhou shopping

Antiques in Guangzhou

Xīguān Rénjiā

The magpie owners here have accumulated all manner of treasures (OK and plenty of tat), on display in the grand surrounds of a former concession-era mansion on Shāmiàn Island. Want an old Chinese radio for your mant…
Electronics in Guangzhou

Tiānhé Computer Markets

Similar to Huáqiáng Běi St in Shēnzhèn, you'll find hundreds of bargain-basement microeclectronics retailers in shops and malls straddling this part of Tianhe Lu.
Books in Guangzhou

Fāng Suǒ Commune

Praised for its elegant design, this enticing bookstore has more than 90,000 (mostly Chinese) titles, wrapping around a central cafe. You can also find clothing, homewares and gifts. It's in the upscale Tai Koo Hui …
Clothing in Guangzhou

TIT Creative Industry Zone

Inside the leafy compound of a communist-era textile factory are boutiques selling a variety of locally designed clothing, from office wear to lacy dresses, along with art installations and a couple of funky cafes.
Market in Guangzhou

Fāngcūn Tea Market

More for oolong aficionados than casual browsers, this is a wholesale area spanning block after block of tea shops, along with entire malls selling leaves and teaware.