Top Choice Dim Sum in Guǎngzhōu

Pànxī Restaurant

Set in a majestic garden and embracing another one within its walls, Pànxī is the most representative of Guǎngzhōu‘s garden-restaurants. Corridors and courtyards are brought together to give the effect of ‘every ste…
Top Choice Dim Sum in Guǎngzhōu

Guăngzhōu Restaurant

Guăngzhōu's oldest restaurant is dedicated to serving well-made dim sum with an exquisite selection of teas (¥8 to ¥50 per person). Times may have moved on but this is the traditonal dim sum model. Tables and dining…
German in Guǎngzhōu

1920 Restaurant & Bar

Guǎngzhōu's expats highly recommend this German restaurant on the riverfront. Enjoy an imported beer (from ¥30) on its patio. The menu includes sausages, meatballs and stuffed goose.
Cantonese in Guǎngzhōu

Bǐngshèng Restaurant

This exquisite restaurant surprises with every visit, and the price is right! Shùndé (a town south of Guǎngzhōu) cuisine's freshwater fish is the specialty here. The dòufuhuā zhēngxiègāo (豆腐花蒸蟹羔; bean curd with crab…
Desserts in Guǎngzhōu


Popular stop for Cantonese desserts, including steamed egg white with milk (双皮奶; shuāngpínǎi).
Dim Sum in Guǎngzhōu

Táo Táo Jū Restaurant

Táo Táo Jū is an old name in Canton's history of yum cha, a fact unfortunately obscured by all the shine and glitter of its modern decor. The standard of its dim sum, however, is still solid. But it's a pain if you'…
Vegetarian in Guǎngzhōu

Fó Yǒu Yuán

An unpretentious, popular vegetarian restaurant hidden in the Xìngfǔ Xīncūn (幸福新村) residential quarter. English and photo menu. There are tea and snacks at 7am, but no meals, for early risers.
Cantonese in Guǎngzhōu

Bǐngshèng Restaurant

One of the top modern Chinese restaurants in town, this flagship of the Bǐngshèng chain in Zhūjiāng New Town has classy decor to boot. Its signature dish is the crispy barbecued pork (脆皮叉烧; cuìpí chāshāo).
Cantonese in Guǎngzhōu

Táng Lì Yuán

This garden-restaurant, known for its roasted pigeon (金牌乳鸽; jīnpái rǔgē), is located inside Lìwān Lake Park (荔湾湖公园; Lìwān Hú Gōngyuán). A highlight are the tables on boats that you can reserve for dinner. They’re in…
European in Guǎngzhōu


Hidden on the edge of Yuèxiù District, gay-friendly Wilber’s gets top marks for cocktails and atmosphere, and the food isn't far behind. You can munch on cold cuts and mini burgers at the sleek bar, or opt for seafo…