Guangzhou drinking and nightlife

Top Choice Cocktail Bar in Guangzhou

Hope & Sesame

The booze boffins at this speakeasy have an on-site lab with bubbling stills for bespoke spirit infusions, resulting in some of the most creative top-shelf cocktails in China. Best of all, though they are masters of…
Teahouse in Guangzhou


Who'd have thought topping bubble tea with cheese foam would start a revolution? With HEYTEA opening in malls and arcades all over Guǎngdōng province and wider China, and the queues showing no sign of shortening, it…
Cafe in Guangzhou

Kuí Yuán

A heritage gem in the historic Dōngshān area, Kuí Yuán has a sunny cafe with balcony terrace on its top floor serving coffee, cakes and cocktails. The ground floor has a gallery and the 2nd floor a stylish boutique.…
Beer Garden in Guangzhou

Lucy's Bar & Restaurant

A welcoming spot for a beer and a bite on Shāmiàn Island, Lucy's rocks some retro neon signage out front and a big patio from which to sup beers, wine and cheap tropical cocktails. If you need to refuel, there's a m…
Pub in Guangzhou

Paddy Field

An old name in the city's boozing scene, this Irish pub looks the part with its dim, wood-panelled interior and cosy snugs for intimate Guinness sessions. The draught-beer selection is fairly broad, and a kitchen fr…
Lounge in Guangzhou


The best of the nightlife venues clustered around the Zhūjiāng 'Party Pier' (珠江琶醍), Suns lets you imbibe cocktails on couches by the river or boogie to electronic beats until late. It's 1km due north of the metro.