Top Choice Live Music in Guǎngzhōu

191 Space

Two steps from the metro exit, this is a throbbing dive that features live indie gigs from China and overseas every weekend.
Live Music in Guǎngzhōu

Fei Live House

A live-music space with an awesome sound system and a focus on indie music, inside Redtory art village.
Live Music in Guǎngzhōu


Unpretentious C Union hosts a good mix of bands playing jazz, R&B and reggae. It’s behind the Chéngshìhuì (城市会) building, in the Yuèxiù District. Only accessible by taxi.
Live Music in Guǎngzhōu


A rustic-looking cafe that hosts performances by local and overseas acts. The genre tends towards modern folk and singer-songwriter, but postrock and heavy metal have been featured too. It's next to a 7 Days Inn.