Bicycle Rental in Guìlín

Ride Giant

Just east of Jiefang Bridge, this outlet rents out bikes. Head downstairs.
Bus Station in Nánníng

Buses to Yángměi

Buses for Yángměi leave from the Nánníngshì Huóyùn Xīzhàn (南宁市货运西站), just south of the corner of Daxue Lu and Luban Lu. Buses 4, 10, 24, 33, 34, 35 and 46 all pass by.
Tickets in Sānjiāng

Train Ticket Office

This handy ticket office opposite the huge Bird's Nest near the tourist office on Dongxiang Dadao sells train tickets for both train stations.
Bus Station in Běihǎi

Central Long-Distance Bus Station

The more conveniently located of Běihǎi's two main bus stations, with buses to Jiāngnán Station in Nánníng, Guǎngzhōu and Hǎikǒu.
Cable Car in Lóngjǐ Rice Terraces

Dàzhài Cable Car

This cable car runs to the top of Golden Buddha Peak (金佛顶; Jīnfó Dǐng), a viewing point, from Dàzhài.
Bus Station in Nánníng

Nánníng International Tourism Distribution Centre

A large distribution centre of travel information for domestic and international travellers.
Bus Station in Nánníng

Vienna Hotel

For the airport shuttle bus.
Bus Station in Běihǎi

Buses to Silver Beach

Bus Station in Běihǎi

Nánzhū Bus Station