Guǎngxī shopping

Market in Guìlín

Bird Flower Market

This local flea market has everything from electronics to vintage magazines, calligraphy brushes, dogs and, of course, birds and flowers.
Market in Guìlín

Guìlín Night Market

For souvenirs, check out Guìlín’s night market, which runs along Zhongshan Zhonglu from Ronghu Beilu to Sanduo Lu.
Arts & Crafts in Lóngjǐ Rice Terraces

Red Bean Handicrafts Workshop

This attractive shop about a 30-minute uphill walk from the Píng’ān car park sells traditional handicrafts (straw shoes, silver jewellery, slippers, bracelets, earrings and scarves) that are a cut above the souvenir…
Arts & Crafts in Nánníng

Mínzú Chuántǒng Shēnghuóguǎn

This shop downstairs to the rear of the Guǎngxī Museum sells a lovely collection of ethnic Dong shoulder bags, wall hangings, embroideries, fabrics and other colourful souvenirs and gift items.