Top ChoiceStreet Food in Nanning

Zhongshan Lu Market

Don't come to Nanning without visiting this pulsating night market that buzzes along Zhongshan Lu each evening. It gets absolutely jam-packed, so it's not one for claustrophobes, and features endless rows of...

Xinjiang in Nanning

Abudu Gourmet Palace

Drop by evenings for barbecued skewers of cumin-spiced lamb at this lively Xinjiang restaurant. Here a team of Uighur chefs man the charcoal grill throughout the night, catering to boisterous patrons digging into...

Guangxi in Nanning

Amou Delicious Eats

Unique and flavourful ethnic dishes served on a photogenic Wind and Rain Bridge or in a dining room. There's a huge range of ethnic food, from fried pork belly dipped in rice wine (么佬族乳香肉饼甜酒, melǎozú rǔxiāng...

Guangxi in Nanning

Ganjiajie Lemon Duck

One of several branches in town, the star here is the tasty lemon duck (柠檬鸭, níngméngyā), a Nanning dish that cooks the fowl with pickled lemon peel, ginger, garlic and chilli. You'd be quackers not to try it....

Chinese in Nanning

Chan Kong Kei

This Michelin-starred Macau chain restaurant, famous for its peppery roast duck, has branched out to mainland China, including this low-key offering in Nanning, 3km west from the city centre.

Guangxi in Nanning

Líyŭ Cūn

Hearty Guilin specialities are the highlights of this bustling place with a faux-rustic interior, including good Yangshuo beer fish (阳朔啤酒鱼, yángshuò píjiǔyú) and fried pork knuckle (鸿运招财手, hóngyùn zhāocáishŏu).

Chinese in Nanning

Muslim Hotel

If you want to sample some flavours from the other side of China, this Muslim eatery inside a green building serves cheap, generous and hearty noodles on the ground floor, and northwestern Chinese fare on the 1st...