Top Choice Bridge in Sānjiāng

Chéngyáng Wind & Rain Bridge

Around 18km north of Sānjiāng, the grandest of over 100 nail-less wind-and-rain bridges in the area, this photogenic black-and-white structure (78m) was built from cedar and stone over 12 years in the 1910s. It feat…
Top Choice Cave in Lèyè

Chuāndòng Sinkhole

A two-hour hike takes you past limestone caves, primeval vegetation and an underground river in this sinkhole that reaches 312m in height. Trek to the sinkhole's bottom via an ethereal-looking cavern with a hole in …
Top Choice Nature Reserve in Lèyè

Lèyè Geopark

There are 28 naturally formed and highly impressive sinkholes (天坑; tiānkēng) here, including six major ones; the remainder are large and medium-sized, with a handful of smaller sinkholes amid an environment of karst…
Top Choice National Park in Zīyuán

Bājiăozhài National Geopark

This park is named after eight Dānxiá stone peaks that lie near the border with Húnán. Round, isolated, featuring ring-like troughs and leaning 45 degrees in the same direction, they resemble snails sunning themselv…
Top Choice Tower in Sānjiāng

Drum Towers

A drum tower resembles a flamboyant, multi-eaved pagoda plonked on a rectangular pavilion; many are found in Dòng villages in the region. The taller ones are built entirely of cedar. Donate a few coins as you enter,…
Top Choice Church in Wéizhōu Island

Wéizhōu Catholic Church

Quite an incredible sight, this church was built in 1835 with coral and volcanic rocks from the seabed in a neo-Gothic style. Quite formidable despite its modest size, the church was constructed by French missionari…
Top Choice River in Yángshuò

Lí Riverside Path

When Xijie, the crowds and postcard hawkers get too much, head down the steps to the Lí River. Unfolding before you is a beautiful panorama of karst peaks, glittering river water and green bamboo. It's a stunning si…
Historic Building in Běihǎi

Former Post Office

Dating from 1896, this attractive edifice now serves as a tiny museum devoted to relics of the Qing-dynasty postal system. No English captions, nor photos allowed indoors.
Hill in Guìlín

Elephant Trunk Hill

At the southern end of Guìlín where the Lí River and the Táohuā River converge, one of Guìlín's best-promoted sights is Elephant Hill Park, where Elephant Trunk Hill – unlike other misshapen lumps of rock with tenuo…
Hill in Guìlín

Folded Brocade Hill

Folded Brocade Hill affords some of Guìlín's best views, complemented by restored pavilions, some originally dating from the Ming dynasty. Climb the stone pathway that leads you through the cooling relief of Wind Ca…