Top Choice Dim Sum in Guǎngzhōu

Pànxī Restaurant

Set in a majestic garden and embracing another one within its walls, Pànxī is the most representative of Guǎngzhōu‘s garden-restaurants. Corridors and courtyards are brought together to give the effect of ‘every ste…
Top Choice Chinese in Cháozhōu

Liánhuā Vegetarian

An excellent vegetarian restaurant opposite Kāiyuán Temple. The menu also features Cháozhōu specialties, including the delightful desserts on the last page.
Top Choice Vegetarian in Dǐnghú Shān

Qìngyún Vegetarian Restaurant

An excellent but pricey eatery in Dǐnghú Shān Reserve that serves the famous Dǐnghú Vegetarian Dish (鼎湖上素; Dǐnghú Shàngsù; ¥68), supposedly an invention by monks around here. It also does an exceptional sweet-and-so…
Top Choice Dim Sum in Guǎngzhōu

Guăngzhōu Restaurant

Guăngzhōu's oldest restaurant is dedicated to serving well-made dim sum with an exquisite selection of teas (¥8 to ¥50 per person). Times may have moved on but this is the traditonal dim sum model. Tables and dining…
Top Choice Noodles in Méizhōu

Dàbù Handmade Noodles

This neighbourhood shop whips up al dente Hakka tossed noodles (腌面; yānmiàn) and pig-innards soup (三及第湯; sānjídì tāng). The strands also come stir-fried (炒面; chăomiàn). Bus 4, which runs from Méizhōu train station, …
Top Choice Chinese in Cháozhōu

Zhèng’s Private Kitchen

A private kitchen that whips up impressive Cháozhōu-style seafood dishes. Ask a Mandarin- or Cantonese-speaking friend to call and book at least a day in advance. Also tell them your budget per person; and if you do…
Top Choice South Indian in Shēnzhèn

Bollywood Cafe

One of the top restaurants for international food in Guǎngdōng – definitely the best Indian. The South Indian flavours have kick in the Kedai chicken or flaky naan. A steady flow of Indian families and businessmen t…
Asian in Shēnzhèn

Super Steak

The menu in this sleek fusion spot is a feast for the eyes and palate, with over 400 diverse choices, from pad thai noodles to sashimi to steak. However, some items may not always be available.
Cantonese in Zhūhǎi

May Flower Restaurant

Where the middle classes go when they have important guests, this veteran in Zhūhăi's fine-dining scene serves up elaborately prepared seafood dishes, claypot goodies, and other Cantonese deliciousness, including, o…
Dim Sum in Zhūhǎi

Jīn Yuè Xuān

For some of the best dim sum and Cantonese cuisine in Zhūhǎi, head to this elegant restaurant before 11am to secure a table.