Top ChoiceCantonese in Guangzhou

Bingsheng Mansion

One of only eight restaurants awarded a star in the inaugural 2018 Guangzhou Michelin guide, this is the upmarket flagship of the esteemed Bingsheng chain, serving creative riffs on Canto classics in an elegant...

Top ChoiceHistoric Site in Guangzhou

Shamian Island

Shamian Island

Don't depart Guangzhou without an amble through the concession-era gem that is Shamian Island. The central east–west drag is a time-warp boulevard of faded European-style buildings shaded by columns of banyan...

Top ChoiceDim Sum in Guangzhou

Tao Tao Ju Restaurant

An esteemed name in Canton's yum cha dynasty, Tao Tao Ju packs in the over-60s for dim sum wheeled out on heated carts. There's no menu; you'll be given a slip of paper which gets stamped each time you help...

Top ChoiceCantonese in Guangzhou

Bingsheng Taste

This marvellous restaurant, one of several branches of Guangzhou's highly regarded chain that also boasts upmarket editions like Bingsheng Mansion and 'Little Bingsheng' (小炳胜, Xiǎo Bǐngshèng), serves hit after...

Top ChoiceCafe in Guangzhou


The gleaming interior of this Shamian mansion conversion is all glass, marble and chandeliers, baiting you to photograph it. Equally social-media shareable are organic dishes such as salmon with pine nuts and...

Top ChoiceMarket in Guangzhou

Qingping Chinese Medicine Market

Just north of the channel that divides Shamian Island from the city, this tumbledown market is a sensory delight, with open-fronted vendors arranged beneath an arcade and in the tiny alleys behind. You'll find...

Top ChoiceDim Sum in Guangzhou

Diǎn Dōu Dé

With around 25 branches in Guangzhou, Diǎn Dōu Dé is one of the best-loved names in dim sum, turning out delicious shrimp dumplings, shāomài (烧卖, shrimp and pork dumplings), rice rolls, durian puffs and all the...

Top ChoiceHistoric Site in Guangzhou

Chen Clan Ancestral Hall

Chen Clan Ancestral Hall

An all-in-one ancestral shrine, Confucian school and ‘chamber of commerce’ for the Chen clan, this compound was built in 1894 by the residents of 72 villages in Guangdong, where the Chen lineage is predominant....

Top ChoiceDim Sum in Guangzhou

Panxi Restaurant

Set in Liwan Lake Park amid ornamental gardens interlinked with pools, courtyards and corridors, Panxi is typical of Guangzhou's garden restaurants, designed to give the effect of 'every step, a vista' (一步一景)....

Top ChoiceCocktail Bar in Guangzhou

Hope & Sesame

The booze boffins at this speakeasy have an on-site lab with bubbling stills for bespoke spirit infusions, resulting in some of the most creative top-shelf cocktails in China. Though they are masters of their...

Top ChoiceNotable Building in Guangzhou

Guangzhou Opera House

Guangzhou Opera House

Designed by Zaha Hadid, southern China's premier performance venue has transformed the area with its typically commanding, otherworldly aspect. Futuristic glass panels have been woven together to form subtle...

Top ChoiceLive Music in Guangzhou

191 Space

Two steps from the metro exit, 191 Space is a throbbing dive that features live indie gigs from China and overseas every weekend.

Gardens in Guangzhou

Yuyin Mountain Villa

Yuyin Mountain Villa

One of Guangdong's four famous classical gardens, this graceful property on the outskirts of the city was built in 1871 by an official of the Qing court. It incorporates the landscaping styles of Sūzhōu and...

Mausoleum in Guangzhou

Mausoleum of the Nanyue King

Mausoleum of the Nanyue King

You'll feel like Indiana Jones/Lara Croft (select as preferred) as you descend the two-millennia-old steps into an actual Han dynasty tomb. This was the final resting place of Zhao Mo, second king of the Nanyue...

Historic Site in Guangzhou


Tree-lined streets Xinhepu Lu (新河浦路), Xuguyuan Lu (恤孤院路) and Peizheng Lu (培正路) in the historic Dōngshān area offer a welcome respite from the city. Here you'll find schools and churches raised by American...

Cultural in Guangzhou

Birthday of the Fire God

On the birthday of the Fire God (华光师傅, Huáguāng Shīfu), usually around November, Bahe Academy guild hall throws a banquet for the opera industry (closed to the public). From early morning, gongs and drums sound...

Buddhist Site in Guangzhou

Temple of the Six Banyan Trees

This Buddhist temple complex was first built in AD 537 to enshrine Buddhist relics brought over from India and placed in the octagonal Decorated Pagoda (Huā Tǎ). The temple was given its current name by the...

Museum in Guangzhou

Guangdong Museum

The flagship museum of Guangdong province, this ultramodern institution was conceived as one of the city's new showpiece buildings along with the Canton Tower to the south and Guangzhou Opera House opposite –...

Mosque in Guangzhou

Huaisheng Mosque

You can't miss the 36m-high minaret thrusting up over Guangta Lu like a lighthouse. Enter just east of it and you can stroll all the way through the complex to the main prayer hall with its tapering Chinese roof...

Tower in Guangzhou

Canton Tower

Canton Tower

Built for the 2010 Asian games, this 604m tall tower was designed to look 'female' by its Dutch architects, earning it the nickname 'slim waisted' (小蛮腰, xiǎo mányāo). Most visitors flock here after dark to ogle...