Must-see attractions in Foshan

  • Zumiao


    The 11th-century Zumiao temple is believed to be the site where Cantonese opera flourished. The art is still performed today during festivals to entertain…

  • Nanfeng Ancient Kiln Artists' Village


    This lovely ceramics town of stone-paved paths in Shiwan (石湾, Shíwān) is worth snooping around for its artisans' ceramics workshops and the two ancient …

  • Liang Garden


    This tranquil residence of a family that produced painters and calligraphers was built during the Qing dynasty. Designed in a Lingnan style, it delights…

  • Lingnan World


    A photogenic collection of restored medicinal shops, Chinese liquor stores and old villas from the Qing dynasty and Republic era are now occupied by…

  • Renshou Temple


    This former Ming monastery remains an active place of worship today. Inside, you’ll find a pagoda built in 1656, and the Foshan Folk Arts Studio,…

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