Music in Shenzhen

OCT-LOFT Jazz Festival

Savour 16 days of cutting-edge live jazz each October across various postindustrial venues at OCT-LOFT. The festival, which also offers workshops, screenings and exhibitions, is curated by B10 Live House owners...

Cultural in Guangzhou

Birthday of the Fire God

On the birthday of the Fire God (华光师傅, Huáguāng Shīfu), usually around November, Bahe Academy guild hall throws a banquet for the opera industry (closed to the public). From early morning, gongs and drums sound...

Cultural in Shenzhen

Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture

This excellent arts festival installs itself into various parts of the city for a few months every two years, presenting thought-provoking exhibitions and events on issues faced by rapidly urbanising cities like...

Music in Shenzhen

Midi Music Festival

Founded by Beijing's Midi School of Music in the late '90s, Midi Music Festival has evolved into one of China's largest rock and indie music events, head-banging its way into other major Chinese cities. Shenzhen...

Music in Shenzhen

Tomorrow Music Festival

A fixture in Shenzhen's arts and alternative spheres since 2014, Tomorrow Music Festival channels the forward-looking spirit of the city by presenting experimental, avant-garde, noise, free jazz and edgy world...

Fair in Guangzhou

Canton Trade Fair

Dating from 1957, the Canton Trade Fair is held twice yearly on Pazhou Island south of the Pearl River. It's a massive event that sees thousands of business people descend on the city, with a resultant spike in...