Top Choice Live Music in Guǎngzhōu

191 Space

Two steps from the metro exit, this is a throbbing dive that features live indie gigs from China and overseas every weekend.
Live Music in Shēnzhèn

Brown Sugar Jar

Sandwiched between a garage and a hair salon near the entrance of Crown Technology Park (皇冠科技園; Huángguān Kējìyuán), this loft-like bar is where local and foreign indie bands play every weekend from 9pm. Run by youn…
Live Music in Guǎngzhōu

Fei Live House

A live-music space with an awesome sound system and a focus on indie music, inside Redtory art village.
Live Music in Zhūhǎi

Zhūhăi Live Bar

A dive bar that hosts local and overseas gigs nightly from 9pm within its graffitied walls. The music can be pop, rock and everything in between. It's across the road from Xìnhăi Building (信海大厦; Xìnhăi Dàxià), betwe…
Live Music in Guǎngzhōu


Unpretentious C Union hosts a good mix of bands playing jazz, R&B and reggae. It’s behind the Chéngshìhuì (城市会) building, in the Yuèxiù District. Only accessible by taxi.
Live Music in Shēnzhèn

B10 Live House

A huge warehouse-turned-cultural-space that morphs into a live-music house when there are no exhibitions going on. It's located on the north side of Block B10 in the northern section of OCT-LOFT.
Live Music in Guǎngzhōu


A rustic-looking cafe that hosts performances by local and overseas acts. The genre tends towards modern folk and singer-songwriter, but postrock and heavy metal have been featured too. It's next to a 7 Days Inn.