Top things to do in Ganzi

Tibetan in Ganzi

Lake Mamosarovor Tibetan Restaurant

The friendly Tibetan family that run this restaurant serve a variety of authentic Tibetan dishes and a few local Sìchuān favourites, as well as a selection of tea styles from across the Tibetan cultural regions. It'…
Buddhist Temple in Ganzi

Garzě Gompa

North of the town’s old Tibetan quarter is the region’s largest monastery, dating back more than 500 years and glimmering with gold. Encased on the walls of the main hall are hundreds of small golden Sakyamunis. In …
Buddhist Temple in Ganzi

Degongbu Temple

Surrounded by the mud-brick buildings of the smaller of Gānzī's two Tibetan quarters, this 13th-century temple's two poorly lit halls (one historic, the other finished in 2007) are consistently filled with the smell…