Top Choice Chinese in Dūnhuáng

Zhāixīng Gé

Part of the Silk Road Dūnhuáng Hotel, this rooftop restaurant is ideal for a meal (the Western buffet breakfast is excellent) or a sundowner gazing out over the golden sand dunes. Dishes do not cost much more than p…
Top Choice Tibetan in Xiàhé

Nirvana Restaurant & Bar

This lovely, bright restaurant serves Tibetan and Western dishes, such as the popular yak stew with potatoes (¥20), pizza and fresh espresso. The welcoming, casual vibe makes leaving Nirvana difficult, as does the l…
Top Choice Noodles in Lánzhōu

Mǎzilù Beef Noodles

In business since 1954, locals flock here for steaming bowls of the city's most well-known export: spicy hand-pulled noodles (拉面; lāmiàn). Join the queue inside the door and ask for niúròu miàn (牛肉面). You'll be give…
Market in Lánzhōu

Hezheng Lu Night Market

Not so much a market as a busy section of street extending from Tianshui Nanlu to Pingliang Lu, here you'll find all manner of open-air stalls and restaurants serving barbecue and local specialities.
Hotpot in Lánzhōu


At this Běijīng-style shùan yángròu (涮羊肉; traditional lamb hotpot) restaurant, the pot of broth costs ¥25, after which you can add sliced mutton (¥30), greens (¥10) and various other dishes. The restaurant is about …
Market in Jiāyùguān

Fùqiáng Market

For a fast, hot meal in the evenings, especially barbecued lamb washed down with beer, try the food stalls at this market, north of the Xinhua Lu traffic circle.
Market in Jiāyùguān

Jìngtiě Market

At this busy market load up on lamb kebabs, ròujiāmó (肉夹馍; pork sandwiches), beef noodles, roast duck and more. There are a handful of small restaurants on the north side of the market that offer sit-down meals.
Breakfast in Dūnhuáng

Charley Johng’s Cafe

Tasty Western-style breakfasts including scrambled eggs, muesli with yoghurt, and pancakes are available all day either à la carte or as a set. There are also sandwiches, and a host of Chinese dishes such as stir-fr…
Noodles in Tiānshuǐ

Běidào Qīngzhēn Lǎozìhào Niúròu Miànguǎn

Get a ticket from the kiosk out front and collect your beef noodles (niúròumiàn; ¥7) from the kitchen window inside. The noodles are excellent, infused with dollops of scarlet-red chilli oil. For extra meat, ask for…
Tibetan in Lángmùsì

Black Tent Cafe

Friendly service, a Tibetan-style interior, rooftop seating, proper coffee (from ¥25), and a good menu offering numerous Western and some Tibetan dishes are some of the highlights of this 2nd-floor cafe run by the f…