Shazhou Night Market

Market in Dunhuang

Extending from Yangguan Lu south to Xiyu Lu, this market is both a place to eat and to socialise, night and day. Off Yanguang Donglu are dozens of well-organised stalls with English signs: expect Sichuan, Korean noodles, dumplings, claypot, barbecue including ròujiāmó (肉夹馍, pulled-pork sandwich) and Lanzhou noodles. Also look out for cooling cups of xìngpíshuǐ (杏皮水, apricot juice; ¥5).

There is also an open-air seating area nearby with a stage for singing, music bands and roast lamb by the platter or skewer. Along with the seated areas along Fanggu Shangye Yitao Jie, this is the most expensive place to eat barbecued meat. For a better deal try the alleys radiating east.