Buddhist Site in Xiamen

Nanputuo Temple

This Buddhist temple complex on the southern side of Xiamen is one of the most famous temples among the Fujianese, and is also considered a pilgrimage site by dedicated followers from Southeast Asia. The temple...

Park in Xiamen

Bailuzhou Park

Xiamen positions itself as China’s most liveable city and this huge green expanse on an islet north of town is a quiet exclamation mark on that claim. Perfect for families or broken souls who need to touch grass...

Market in Xiamen

Kaihe Lu Fish Market

In the old district of Xiamen, this tiny but lively market sells various (weird) sea creatures to a backdrop of qílóu (骑楼, shophouses) and a church. Access is from Xiahe Lu, where you can also find some Taiwanese...

Notable Building in Xiamen

Húlǐ Shān Fortress

Across Daxue Lu, south of Xiamen University, is this gigantic German artillery post built in 1894. You can rent binoculars to peer over the water to the Taiwanese-occupied island of Kinmen (金门, Jīnmén), formerly...

Historic Building in Xiamen

Xiamen University

The Xiamen University was established with overseas Chinese funds and has beautiful republican-era buildings and an attractive lake. It’s a good place for a pleasant stroll. The on-campus anthropology museum...

Museum in Xiamen

Overseas Chinese Museum

Aside from acting as a refuge from the city, this is an ambitious celebration of China’s communities abroad, with dioramas, street scenes, photos, props and artefacts held in a three-storey temple-like building....

Beach in Xiamen

Baicheng Beach

You can rarely swim here due to council restrictions, but there are few more convenient places in the city to enjoy a beautiful natural environment than this beach in the south, especially at sunset. Except on...

Park in Xiamen

Railroad Culture Park

The charming 3km walking trail on an abandoned railway track in this park makes a welcome change from the crowds of the city. It is reached by bus 1, 15, 20, 122 or 135; get off at Dashengli (大生里站).