Top things to do in Fujian

Top Choice Architecture in Fuzhou

Sānfāng Qīxian

The ‘downtown’ area of the city is actually a series of ancient residential buildings known as ‘Three Lanes and Seven Paths'. Constructed in the late Jin dynasty around the 12th century, the residences prospered 400…
Top Choice Dim Sum in Xiamen

Lucky Full City Seafood

If you eat out once in Xiàmén, join the queues for this Cantonese culinary masterclass. Stack up the exquisite dim sum dishes like egg buns, roasted pigeon and pork dumplings. Try to visit outside peak times. Catch …
Top Choice Chinese in Gulang Yu

Lāohǎi Wù

It feels like you’re cutting through on the way to somewhere else, but stop at the wooden benches for incredible noodle and fish dishes at this friendly outdoor restaurant loved by Fujianese food fanatics. There’s a…
Notable Building in Fujian Tulou

Chéngqǐ Lóu

In the village of Gāoběi (高北), this 300-year-old tǔlóu has 400 rooms and once housed 1000 inhabitants. It’s built with elaborate concentric rings, with circular passageways between them and a central shrine. It’s on…
Taoist Temple in Quanzhou

Guāndì Temple

This smoky and magnificently carved temple is southeast of Qīngjìng Mosque. A furnace burns prayer books stuffed in by devotees. It’s dedicated to Guan Yu, a Three Kingdoms general who was deified as the God of War.…
Notable Building in Fujian Tulou

Zhènchéng Lóu

This most visited tǔlóu is a grandiose structure built in 1912, with two concentric circles and 222 rooms. The ancestral hall in the centre of the tǔlóu is complete with Western-style pillars. The locals dub this tǔ…
Dim Sum in Xiamen

Lucky Full City Seafood Dim Sum

Authentic and MSG-free dim sum is served in this ever-popular restaurant. Expect to wait at least 30 minutes to get a table.
Temple in Quanzhou

Cǎo’ān Manichaean Temple

This quirky temple is dedicated to Manichaeism, a religion originating in Persia in the 3rd century, combining elements of Zoroastrian, Christian and Gnostic thought, which reached China in the 7th century.The well …
Buddhist Site in Xiamen

Nánpǔtuó Temple

This Buddhist temple complex on the southern side of Xiàmén is one of the most famous temples among the Fujianese, and is also considered a pilgrimage site by dedicated followers from Southeast Asia. The temple has …
Park in Wuyi Shan

Wǔyí Shān Scenic Area

The entrance to the Wǔyí Shān Scenic Area is at Wǔyí Gōng, about 200m south of the Wǔyí Mountain Villa. Trails within the scenic area connect all the major sites. Good walks include the 530m Great King Peak (大王峰; Dà…