Travel Agency in Xiamen

Discover Fujian

This travel agent can arrange English-speaking tours and accommodation in the tǔlóu areas of Fújiàn, as well as other parts of the province. One-day tours start at around Y500 per person.
Travel Agency in Fujian Tulou

Amazing Fujian Tulou

A Běijīng-based company that organises English-speaking tours to the tǔlóu areas in Fújiàn. Bookings can be made online. Group tours start at US$140 per person per day.
Police in Xiamen

Public Security Bureau

Opposite the main post and telephone office. The visa section (出入证管理处; chūrùjìng guǎnlǐchù) is in the northeastern part of the building, on Gongyuan Nanlu.
Medical in Xiamen

City Medical Consultancy

English-speaking doctors; expat frequented. Telephone-operated 24 hours. It’s near the western shore of Yuandang Lake.
Hospital in Gulang Yu

Gǔlàng Yǔ Hospital

A significant upgrade includes 24-hour service. Has its own miniature ambulance for the small roads.
Tourist Information in Xiamen

China International Travel Service

There are several offices around town. The branch on Hexiang Xilu is recommended.
Tourist Information in Wuyi Shan

China International Travel Service

The staff can arrange train tickets and tours.
Bank in Xiamen

Bank of China

The 24-hour ATM accepts international cards.
Bank in Wuyi Shan

Bank of China

This branch in Wǔyí Shān city has an ATM.
Police in Quanzhou

Public Security Bureau

You can extend your visa here.