Top Choice Architecture in Fúzhōu

Sānfāng Qīxian

The ‘downtown’ area of the city is actually a series of ancient residential buildings known as ‘Three Lanes and Seven Paths.’ Constructed in the late Jin Dynasty around the 12th century, the residences prospered 400…
Notable Building in Xiàmén

Húlǐ Shān Fortress

Across Daxue Lu, south of Xiàmén University, is this gigantic German gun artillery built in 1894. You can rent binoculars to peer over the water to the Taiwanese-occupied island of Kinmen (金门; Jīnmén), formerly know…
Buddhist Site in Xiàmén

Nánpǔtuó Temple

This Buddhist temple complex on the southern side of Xiàmén is one of the most famous temples among the Fujianese, and is also considered a pilgrimage site by dedicated followers from Southeast Asia. The temple has …
Museum in Xiàmén

Overseas Chinese Museum

Aside from acting as a refuge from the city, this is an ambitious celebration of China’s communities abroad, with dioramas, street scenes, photos and props. The ground floor stands out if you’re stuck for time.
Historic Building in Xiàmén

Xiàmén University

Next to Nánpǔtuó Temple, the Xiàmén University, which was established with overseas Chinese funds, has beautiful republican-era buildings and an attractive lake. It’s a good place for a pleasant stroll. The on-campu…
Historic Building in Gǔlàng Yǔ

Law Court

This former court of law is now inhabited by local residents.
Historic Building in Gǔlàng Yǔ

Guāncǎi Lóu

This residence built in 1931 has a magnificently dilapidated interior with a wealth of original features.
Museum in Gǔlàng Yǔ

Organ Museum

Housed in the highly distinctive Bāguà Lóu (八卦楼) building is the Organ Museum, with a fantastic collection including a Norman & Beard organ from 1909.
Gardens in Gǔlàng Yǔ

Hàoyuè Garden

Hàoyuè Garden is a rocky outcrop containing an imposing statue of Koxinga in full military dress.
Museum in Gǔlàng Yǔ

Koxinga Memorial Hall

Commemorates the life of the charismatic military man who defeated the Dutch East Indies Company in the 17th century.