Foshan restaurants

Noodles in Foshan

Yīngjì Noodle Shop

This excellent noodle shop opposite Liánhuā Supermarket (莲花超市; Liánhuā Chāoshì) is the go-to place in Fóshān for noodles with shrimp wonton (鲜虾云吞面; xiānxiā yúntūnmiàn).
Vegetarian in Foshan

Rénshēngyuán Vegetarian

Very good vegetarian dishes that include plenty of fresh greens and mock meats, made to be shared. Enter the large, neat restaurant from the laneway opposite Rénshòu Temple.
Desserts in Foshan

Shùndé Double Layer Milk Pudding

This dessert shop sells 'double layer' milk pudding, the popular southern Chinese dessert, so-called because of the layer of milk skin on the surface. It can be eaten hot or cold.
Cantonese in Foshan

Healthy Buddha Vegetarian

This vegetarian restaurant on the grounds of Rénshòu Temple offers great value for money. Under renovation, it's due to reopen in late 2016.