Bridge in Fènghuáng

Hóng Bridge

In the style of the Dong minority’s wind and rain bridges, this attractive bridge vaults the waters of the Tuó River and is illuminated at night. Like some other sights in Fènghuáng, it's best viewed from a distance…
Historic Site in Fènghuáng

Chóngdé Hall

The town’s wealthiest resident, Pei Shoulu has his personal collection of antiques on display in his former residence on Shijia Long. The collection of carved wood lintels, decorative woodwork and inscribed wooden w…
Architecture in Fènghuáng

Southern Great Wall

The Ming dynasty defensive wall, 13km from town, once stretched to Guìzhōu province. Take bus 2 from Nánhuá Gate to its terminus at Tǔqiáolǒng bus station (土桥垅车站; Tǔqiáolǒng chēzhàn), from where you can catch a bus …
Historic Site in Fènghuáng

Yáng Family Ancestral Hall

West of East Gate Tower. Built in 1836, its exterior is covered with slogans from the Cultural Revolution. There are two lovely black-and-white frescoes of mythical animals on the rear walls of the main hall.
Village in Fènghuáng

Huángsī Bridge Old Town

A Tang dynasty military outpost 25km from town. The Southern Great Wall bus continues to here.
Tower in Fènghuáng

East Gate Tower

This Qing dynasty twin-eaved tower dates from 1715.
Museum in Fènghuáng

Gǔchéng Museum

A survey of the old town’s history; sadly, most of the captions are in Chinese only.
Bridge in Fènghuáng

Stepping Stones

Stones laid out for crossing the river. Not a great idea to cross them after too many glasses of the local strong stuff.
Historic Site in Fènghuáng

Fènghuáng City Wall

Restored fragments of the city wall lie along the south bank of the Tuó River. Carvings of fish and mythical beasts adorn the eaves of the North Gate Tower, one of four original main gates. Another, the East Gate To…
Pagoda in Fènghuáng

Wànmíng Pagoda

This elegant and slim pagoda was built during the reign of Emperor Jiaqing. It cannot be climbed, but is gloriously illuminated at night and makes for simply beautiful photographs.