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$70 Cultural & Theme Tours

Private Day Tour to Dujiangyan Panda Center with Panda Holding

Plan a:  visit Dujiangyan Panda center and one of three UNESCO sites  Dujiangyan irrigation  system -MT Qingcheng or Jiezi old town             At 7:30am, your guide will pick you up from you Chengdu hotel lobby and transfer you to Dujiangyan Panda Center ,Through 1.5hours drive through nice countryside .  you will enjoy beautiful mountain surrounding which center have little tourists and peaceful environment , see most active pandas catch earlier morning time when panda keeper feed them breakfast. also guide take you around see pandas which rescued from wild mountain  , also you can see 10 red pandas when they catch cool weather play around ground .        lunch -- guide will take you to try local food you can feeling free order anything you like ,also guide will recommend best food on there area, you will get special food experience on Panda`s hometown .         after lunch you can choice visit one of three UNESCO site to experience local culture Jiezi old town or MTQingcheng Taosim birthplace  covered by Jungle and temples ,or  Dujingyan irrigation system have majestic bird view of Himalaya mountain and Grand MIngjiang rivers .  how to Choice visit one of it within your limited afternoon time  can based on your interesting  and guide  recommendation   Plans B  Panda keeper and  feeding experience  with  " Kongfu Panda village" visiting          At 7:30am, your guide will pick you up from you Chengdu hotel lobby and transfer you to Dujiangyan Panda Center ,Upon arrival, you will registration dress up uniform going to panda enclosure to clean panda cage gardens to learn panda  personality (clean works can be skipped need your put on special request )feeding later ,you can visit pandas after clean wait for feed pandas on 11am that You will enter a private room to wait for the panda coming forward to the front of the enclosure and to train the panda sitting and waiting food. Then, the staff will show you how to feed and communicate with pandas as if they are your own precious pets.        during lunch time two hours  break we will take your Kong fu Panda old town that you can taste local snacks and visit 300 old years old town enjoy local people`s life        2-3pm  afternoon volunteer cleanup and feed you can options do it or skip it back to chengdu  You will be delighted by these close encounters with pandas!   *Note: 1. Panda feeding requires an additional donation of RMB$900 per person .

$100 Cultural & Theme Tours

Full-Day Volunteer at Dujiangyan Panda Base with Panda Feeding

After pickup from your hotel in Chengdu, this full-day experience includes making panda food, cleaning the panda enclosures, and feeding the pandas.Dujiangyan Panda Base is dedicated to the study of disease control and rescue of wild pandas, and you will contribute to the conservation of endangered panda bears.There are currently about 40 pandas living in Dujiangyan base that are not yet fully accessible to public. Many panda celebrities reside at the base, including "Tai Shan," one of the most well known pandas in the world. You will even get to clean his enclosure if you are lucky. All participants must be ready to roll up their sleeves and put in a full day of work. This is a wonderful educational experience for you to learn everything about the endangered species. 7:10am  Pickup at your Chengdu hotel7:10am to 8:40am  Head to Dujiangyan Panda Base (1.5 hours ride)8:40am  Enter Dujianyan Panda Base (admission included)8:40am to 9am  Change into volunteer outfit and receive briefing from local staff9am  Start cleaning the enclosure (including cracking the bamboo)10:30am  Feeding time (snacks for feeding the pandas are made of corn, carrots, and supplemental vitamins)11:30am to 1pm Lunch hour for volunteers (buffet lunch is included)1pm to 2pm  Either watch the video / visit the base to understand more about panda2pm to 3pm  Cleaning panda enclosures3pm to 3:30pm Making panda snacks3:30pm to 5pm Heading back to your Chengdu hotel (1.5 hours ride)5pm Arrival in Chengdu hotel where this tour is concluded*There is a daily quota of 30 volunteers.*Requirement: The panda base will collect volunteering RMB700 per person in the office. 

$106.66 Cultural & Theme Tours

Qingcheng Mountain, Dujiangyan Tour from Chengu

Escape the hustle and bustle of Chengdu and enjoy the natural beauty the Sichuan province on this full-day trip. Your first stop is Qingcheng Mountain. In addition to its incredibly lush surroundings and secluded tranquility, the mountain boasts of number of well-preserved Taoist temples. Take a boat ride across the Yuecheng lake and follow your guide on a two-hour hike up the mountain, visiting various temples along the way such as the Jianfu temple, from the Tang Dynasty, or the Tianshi Cave, finished during the Qing Dynasty and where a famous Taoist master once taught. Take the same trail back down, or, for a more relaxing experience, take the cable car to the bottom of the mountain (own expense). After lunch at a local restaurant (included), enjoy the drive to the Dujiangyan Irrigation System. Built in 256 BC to provide irrigation and flood control to the region, the Dujiangyan is one of the greatest hydraulic engineering projects of the Qin Dynasty. See the fish mouth levee, named for its conical head resembling the mouth of a fish, and learn about the significant role it plays in the system. The Dujiangyan area also boasts a beautiful landscape and many cultural relics and historical sites. Visit the Two Kings Temple and the Dragon-Taming Temple, and admire the style of traditional Chinese architecture and the intricate designs of ancient statues. Stroll around the gardens of Lidui Park and see how engineering masterpieces blend well with the park’s natural landscape. Qingcheng Mountain and the Dujiangyan Irrigation System are two of the most incredible natural and industrial creations in China. Both sites also have interesting stories and legends, which your local guide will share with you.

$47 Day Trips & Excursions

Dujiangyan Panda Base Tour with Transfer and Volunteer Option

Tour Option ---Participate panda volunteer program • 7:00-8:40   Hotel pick-up, drive to Dujiangyan panda base. • 8:40-9:00   Driver will help you to check in upon arrival • 9:00-10:00 Start the panda volunteer work, you will prepare the bamboo, clean the cage, collect the panda pupu.... • 10:00-11:00 Free time on your own to explore the facility • 11:00-11:30 Feed the panda face to face • 11:30-13:00 Lunch break • You will have a buffet lunch in the staff canteen • 13:00-14:00 Watch panda documentary • 14:00-15:00 Refill the bamboo, clean the cage ,feed the panda • 15:00-15:20 Make your own panda cake for panda • 15:20-15:30 Receive donation certificate and souvenirs • 15:30-17:00 Enjoy your private comfortable ride back to your hotel in Chengdu **Taking picture with panda(285USD/person) is currently not available.panda volunteer (136USD/person) are NOT included in the price, local tour operator will help you make  reservation   and prepay the expense  in advance to lock the spot, your driver will represent local operator  to collect the expense at your travel date.**Age limit of panda volunteer:12-65 years old**Do you need a guide?Driver will help you to check in upon arrival and for panda volunteer,there will be English speaking staff guide you throughout the volunteer program.However,if you prefer a guide service, please  advise.**You must advise tour operator as a special requirement at time of booking which option you choose, your tour operator will make reservation in advance due to the limited quota daily.**The activity of Panda picture and panda volunteer may subject to change according to the actual situation

$129 Cultural & Theme Tours

Mount Qingcheng and Dujiangyan All-Inclusive Private Day Trip

At 7:15am,your private tour guide and driver will meet you at your hotel lobby.Leave early to avoid the traffic jam and enjoy the tranquility.If you would prefer late departure,please Kindly advise at the time of booking.Drive 1.5h to Mount Qingcheng,with a comfortable golf car ride all the way to the entrance. Once you step in the mountain gate,you will see the quaint Taoist style architecture that inspired Dream Works to create the idyllic Panda Village in their movie, Kungfu Panda 3. In these tranquil surroundings, you will begin your half-hour walk uphill to the Moon City Lake where the cable car will lift you up to the most significant Taoist temple.The main Taoist palace on Mount Qingcheng, Shangqing Palace (meaning "upper purity” palace), is located 3,280 feet (1,000 meters) above sea level.  Originally constructed in the Jin Dynasty (265AD-420AD), the structure seen today was rebuilt between 1862 and 1874. Within its compound, you will discover beautifully serene temples and an iconic 1,000 year old gingko tree.You will continue your hike to the mountain top where Laojun Pavilion is located. If weather permits, you can see the whole Dujiangyan city and beyond.Once you have enjoyed all that the mountain offers, you will board the cable car down from Shangqing Palace for the 30 minute walk to exit Mount Qingcheng. After your tasty lunch at a local restaurantThen drive to the highest Viewing platform - Qinyan Pavilion to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the whole Dujiangyan Irrigation Project. Your guide will brief you on this ancient engineering marvel – how it works and how it has benefited the local people since the Qin Dynasty (220 BC).From Qinyan Pavilion, continue to Erwang Temple (also known as Two Kings Temple) which was erected in the Qin Dynasty to commemorate the designers of the irrigation system, Li Bing and his son. Afterwards, you will cross the Anlan Suspension Bridge to the main part of Dujiangyan Irrigation System: Fish Mouth Weir and Bottle-Neck Channel ,you will gain deeper understanding how dose  Dujiangyan Irrigation System work. Later, exit the irrigation system through Lidui Park and pass through an quite,elegant bonsai garden. Step out of the park,driver will pick you up, return your hotel in Chengdu around 5:00pm.

$26.98 Cultural & Theme Tours

One Day Trip to Dujiangyan Irrigation System & Mount QingCheng Tour

1Day Dujiangyan Irrigation System+Mount Qingchengshan TourMorning, meet your driver in hotel,drive out of Chengdu to Dujiangyan city(about 1.5h-2h driving distance),upon arrival, enter the gate, crossing the Suspension Bridge to the main part of Dujiangyan Irrigation System- Bottle-Neck Channel, Flying-Sand Wire and Fish Mouth, crossing the Anlan Suspension Bridge to Erwang Temple(Two king’s Temple),is constructed to commemorate the desinger Li Bing and his son in the Qin Dynasty.Afterwards,get back the same way.In the end, exit the Dujiangyan Irrigation system. Meet your diver at parking lot.Li Bing's Irrigation System consists of three main constructions that work in harmony with one another to ensure against flooding and keep the fields well supplied with waterThe Yuzui , named for its conical head that is said to resemble the mouth of a fish, is the key part of Li Bing's construction. It is an artificial levee that divides the water into inner and outer streams.The inner stream is deep and narrow, while the outer stream is relatively shallow but wide. This special structure ensures that the inner stream carries approximately 60% of the river’s flow into the irrigation system during dry season. While during flood, this amount decreases to 40% to protect the people from flooding. The outer stream drains away the rest, flushing out much of the silt and sediment.The Feishayan has a 200 m-wide opening that connects the inner and outer streams. This ensures against flooding by allowing the natural swirling flow of the water to drain out excess water from the inner to the outer stream. The swirl also drains out silt and sediment that failed to go into the outer stream. The Baopingkou , which Li Bing gouged through the mountain, is the final part of the system. The channel distributes the water to the farmlands in the Chengdu Plain, whilst the narrow entrance, that gives it its name, works as a check gate, creating the whirlpool flow that carries away the excess water over Flying Sand Fence, to ensure against flooding.Afternoon,drive about 30 minutes from Dujiangyan to Mt.Qingcheng.Upon arrival,take Golf carfrom parking lot to the entrance of Mt.Qingcheng.Walk upstairs to the Yuecheng Lake(about 30 minutes),where to take the cable car up to the most important Taoist palace,Shangqing Palace.Shangqing Palace,iterally means “upper purity”,locates at the 1000m above sea level.It was originally built in Jin Dynasty(265A.D-420A.D),the architectures we saw were built during 1862-1874.When finish the trip of Mt.Qingcheng,drive back to your hotel in Chengdu.