Drak Valley attractions

Top Choice Cave in Drak Valley

Drak Yangdzong Caves

From Chusi Nunnery it’s a tough 1½-hour climb up to the Drak Yangdzong caves. Access to the upper caves is via a 10m ladder secured with strips of yak hide. Note that the caves are very narrow and slippery in places…
Cave in Drak Valley

Dzong Kumbum Caves

To visit the separate Dzong Kumbum cave complex you really need to spend the night in the valley. Make your way back to Ngadrak village and drive 6km to a parking lot, from where it's an hour's walk (gaining 400m) t…
Buddhist Temple in Drak Valley

Tsogyel La-tso

This small pond marks the birthplace and spirit lake of Guru Rinpoche’s consort Yeshe Tsogyal. The golden-roofed chapel at the north end of the lake has a statue of Tsogyel, as well as her stone foot- and hand-print…
Buddhist Monastery in Drak Valley

Ngadrak Monastery

Ngadrak is the main Karma Kagyu monastery in the valley. Look for the stone footprint of Yeshe Tsogyal beside one of the assembly hall pillars. Pilgrims are blessed with the tiny shoe worn by Powa Rinpoche when he w…
Buddhist Site in Drak Valley

Dromochen Lhakhang

A small chapel commemorates the birthplace of Nubchen Sangye Yeshe, a 9th-century Tantric master who was one of the 25 disciples of Guru Rinpoche.
Buddhist Monastery in Drak Valley

Chusi Nunnery

This 17th-century nunnery was largely left in ruins after the Cultural Revolution but has since been rebuilt and is now home to about 14 nuns.