Top things to do in Dehang

Waterfall in Dehang

Liúshā Waterfall

This lovely waterfall – very thin, but very tall indeed – concludes a lovely walk through a scenic area beyond the village. You can climb up behind the curtain of water, which is fun after the rains. It takes about …
Area in Dehang

Nine Dragon Stream Scenic Area

This beautiful scenic area winds along a stream beyond the village, crossing a bridge and going past lush green fields. It takes around an hour to walk along its length, reaching the Liúshā Waterfall at its conclusi…
Area in Dehang

Yùquánxī Scenic Area

This 2.6km-long hike follows a path along the Yùquán Stream, past terraced fields and delightful views. Cross the Jade Fountain Gate (玉泉门; Yùquán Mén) to make your way to a waterfall and if you've the energy, climb …