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Getting There & Away

Buses from Dàzú old station:

Chóngqìng ¥43, 2½ hours, every 30 minutes, 6.30am to 6.30pm

Shíyáng ¥12, one hour, every 40 minutes, 7.20am to 5.40pm

Yǒngchuān, for Sōnggài (¥22, 90 minutes, every 30 minutes, 7.10am to 5.40pm)

Buses from Dàzú new station:

Chéngdū ¥102, four hours, five daily, 7.15am to 9.50pm

Lèshān ¥102, 4½ hours, one daily, 7.20am

Zìgōng ¥52, 3½ hours, two daily, 8am and 1.30pm