Fènglín Gé


in Datong

Exquisite and delectable shāomai (steamed dim-sum dumplings) are the star of the show at this fancy, period-style restaurant in the heart of the old town. Order by the steamer (笼, lóng) or half steamer. The crab shāomai are succulent and gorgeous, but not cheap (¥15 each, half steamer ¥45); there's also lamb (¥8 each, half steamer ¥26) and other tempting fillings.

There's a host of other dishes, including sweet and sour ribs (¥48). The setting is almost as delightful as the food: rectangular grey brick, carved wooden door and decorative balustrades. You'll be served a small pot of lemon-scented water. There's a picture menu.