Chinese in Dàtóng

Fènglín Gé

Exquisite and delectable shāomai (steamed dim-sum dumpling) is the star of the show at this traditionally styled restaurant at the heart of the old town. Order by the steamer (笼; lóng) or half steamer. The crab shāo…
Chinese in Dàtóng

Tónghé Dàfàndiàn

This fantastic, bright and cheery spot alongside the Hongqi Hotel can look a little intimidating with its big round tables better suited to functions, but solo diners can pull up a chair no problem. There’s a huge r…
Noodles in Dàtóng

Dōngfāng Xiāo Miàn

Forgive the chain-store decor and bear the long queues (always a good sign) and you'll soon be in noodle heaven. Steaming bowls of the humble Shānxī speciality (削面; xiāo miàn) is the star here; have it with pork, be…