Dalian restaurants

Korean in Dalian

Handu Restaurant

In the Sanba Sq area, this fabulous two-storey Korean restaurant decked out in luxe wood and granite fittings lets you barbecue your own meats at the table. There's also a selection of one-dish meals such as bibimba…
Market in Dalian

Tianjin Jie Night Market

Stretching several blocks along Tianjin Jie from the train station to a giant incense-bowl sculpture, this outdoor market, open during the evenings, offers outdoor venues to eat barbecued seafood and other snacks wi…
Peking Duck in Dalian

Locomotive Guild Roast Duck

We're not sure what locomotives have to do with duck, but the birds here are roasted in a wood-fired oven to delicate crispness before being deftly sliced and presented to your table. Live seafood is also available …
Seafood in Dalian

Tiāntiān Yúgǎng

Choose your meal from the near museum-level variety of aquatic creatures at this upscale seafood restaurant. Most dishes are set out in refrigerated displays, making this a rare easy seafood-eating experience in Chi…
Supermarket in Dalian

Carrefour Supermarket

Large supermarket with good selection of takeaway food and baked goods in the Sanba Sq area.