Top things to do in Dàlǐ

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Duan's Kitchen

Now so popular that you can expect to queue for a table, this place is set around a cosy and cute courtyard. The dishes are an interpretation of Bai cuisine rather than 100% the real deal, but the ingredients are ab…
Pagoda in Dàlǐ

Three Pagodas

Absolutely the symbol of the town and region, these pagodas, a 2km walk north of the north gate, are among the oldest standing structures in southwestern China. The tallest of the three, Qiānxún Pagoda, has 16 tiers…
Bar in Dàlǐ


Dàlǐ's most laid-back and hidden away bar attracts locals and expats with a fine selection of foreign beers and alcohol and a bar set in a garden (hence the name). It shows live European football on the weekends, th…
Cultural in Dàlǐ

Torch Festival

The Torch Festival is held on the 24th day of the sixth lunar month (normally July) and is likely to be the best photo op in the province. Flaming torches are paraded at night through homes and fields. Locals throw …
Cultural in Dàlǐ

Third Moon Fair

Merrymaking – along with endless buying, selling and general horse-trading (but mostly partying) – takes place during the Third Moon Fair, which begins on the 15th day of the third lunar month (usually April) and en…
Church in Dàlǐ

Dàlǐ Catholic Church

It's worth checking out Dàlǐ’s Catholic Church. Dating back to 1927, it's a unique mix of Bai-style architecture and classic European church design. Mass is held here every Sunday at 9.30am.
Yunnan in Dàlǐ

Méizi Jǐng

This charmingly authentic Bai restaurant is composed of three grey-brick courtyards each containing small seating nooks where you can feast on traditional local cuisine. The English menu features some erratic transl…
Cultural in Dàlǐ

Three Temples Festival

The Three Temples Festival is held between the 23rd and 25th days of the fourth lunar month (usually May).
Yunnan in Dàlǐ

Good Panda

Surrounded by Western-style restaurants, this is a more local joint and a good introduction to classic Dàlǐ eats like sizzling beef (tíebǎn niúròu) and crispy carp (jiànchuān gānshāo yú), plus Yúnnán-wide food and s…
Bar in Dàlǐ

Bad Monkey

The eternally happening, Brit-run Bad Monkey brews its own strong ales (from ¥30; the IPA packs a punch), has nightly live music and endless drink specials. There's also reasonable pub grub (pizzas, burgers and shep…