Dali restaurants

Top Choice Yunnan in Dali

Duan's Kitchen

Now so popular that you can expect to queue for a table, this place is set around a cosy and cute courtyard. The dishes are an interpretation of Bai cuisine rather than 100% the real deal, but the ingredients are ab…
Yunnan in Dali

Méizi Jǐng

This charmingly authentic Bai restaurant is composed of three grey-brick courtyards each containing small seating nooks where you can feast on traditional local cuisine. The English menu features some erratic transl…
Yunnan in Dali

Good Panda

Surrounded by Western-style restaurants, this is a more local joint and a good introduction to classic Dàlǐ eats like sizzling beef (tíebǎn niúròu) and crispy carp (jiànchuān gānshāo yú), plus Yúnnán-wide food and s…
International in Dali


Iberian-Chinese fusion with a Spanish chef and all-organic ingredients sourced from their own farm outside Dàlǐ. All dishes are presented tapas-style. There's an open kitchen, artful, faux-rustic design and a large …
Cafe in Dali

Sweet Tooth

Owned and run by a culinary arts graduate, the homemade ice cream and desserts here are simply inspiring. There’s also fine coffee, proper English tea and healthy fruit and yoghurt shakes. As an added bonus, profits…
American in Dali


Busy, American-run diner with a traditional counter to sit around and a solid menu of properly cooked burgers, steaks, pasta and salad, as well as hefty, top-notch breakfasts. Some outdoor seating on an alley that i…
International in Dali

Bakery No. 88

Spread across two floors and with a small garden, this popular, smoke-free haven of tranquillity has excellent sandwiches, pastas and soups, all prepared with local produce, as well as fine breads and cakes. It also…
Japanese in Dali

Birdbar Cafe

There's a great, sun-filled upstairs area to lounge in over a coffee, tea or beer, while the menu mixes Western, Chinese and Japanese cuisine (all organic). The breakfasts are an especially good deal, as are the set…
Yunnan in Dali

Cāng Ěr Chūn

A little more expensive than some other Bai restaurants and slightly brusque service, but the food is worthwhile and authentic: the locals like it. The rǔbǐng (乳饼; goat’s cheese) is especially good here.
Chinese in Dali

Lovely Lotus Delicious Vegetarian

No menu here; instead you choose from a tempting buffet of all-vegetarian dishes. It bustles at lunchtimes and there's a small outside area to eat at. It's just off Boai Lu on the right-hand side of a forecourt.