Dali attractions

Pagoda in Dali

Three Pagodas

Absolutely the symbol of the town and region, these pagodas, a 2km walk north of the north gate, are among the oldest standing structures in southwestern China. The tallest of the three, Qiānxún Pagoda, has 16 tiers…
Church in Dali

Dàlǐ Catholic Church

It's worth checking out Dàlǐ’s Catholic Church. Dating back to 1927, it's a unique mix of Bai-style architecture and classic European church design. Mass is held here every Sunday at 9.30am.
Museum in Dali

Dàlǐ Museum

The museum houses a small collection of archaeological pieces relating to Bai history, including some fine figurines. English descriptions are lacking.
Market in Dali

Vegetable Market

The old town vegetable market.