Chóngqìng restaurants

Top Choice Hotpot in Chóngqìng City

Zēng Lǎo Yāo Yú Zhuāng

Outside, it's a seething mass of people crowded around tables. Inside, it's even more packed as you descend into a former bomb shelter – white-tiled walls and a rock roof. This Chóngqìng institution is a unique, uti…
Hotpot in Chóngqìng City

Mang Hot Pot

A real locals' fave with some of the tastiest (and spiciest) hotpot in town. You sit on wooden benches around your table and bubbling broth. Expect to see male diners with their shirts off, beer bottles close to han…
Pizza in Chóngqìng City

Suzie's Pizza

English-speaking Suzie makes what many regard as the best pizza in town. The location, in a renovated apartment on the 12th floor of a residential tower, adds to the charm, as do the fake brick walls and pictures of…
Hotpot in Chóngqìng City

Liúyīshǒu Huǒguō

The hotpot here is excellent, and the atmosphere is congenial, but the real attraction is the view; you dine as you gaze out across the Jiālíng River. You’ll be pushed to find a river-view table at peak eating times…
Hotpot in Chóngqìng City

Zhào’èr Huǒguō

Highly popular, Zhào’èr’s hotpot is rightly lauded. There are various options: the nine-sectioned pot (九宫锅; jiǔgōng guō) allows you to separate the flavours of your raw ingredients (ideal if one of you is vegetarian…
Sichuan in Chóngqìng City

Xiǎo Bīn Lōu

A gentle introduction to Chóngqìng cuisine, especially good for the spice-averse. Choose from a selection of small-sized dishes on display, or better still go for one of the set menus, either six or eight dishes. It…
Chinese in Sōnggài

Gǔzhèn Jiǔdàwǎn

This nicely renovated old courtyard has been turned into a restaurant-teahouse and offers reasonably priced dishes.