Ronghui Hot Springs

Top choice Hot Springs

in Chongqing City

The Chongqing area is famed for its hot springs, and Ronghui is the most popular and easily accessible resort inside the city limits. Visitors relax in the lushly landscaped grounds, soaking in dozens of spring-fed indoor and outdoor pools, some steeped with medicinal Chinese herbs, others with essential oils, and still others featuring an array of jets.

Complete the experience with a full-body exfoliation (¥39), massage (from ¥139), pedicure or have your feet nibbled in the fish pool (free). Three towels are included with admission, but you'll need to bring a swimsuit. There's a kids' water playground, but many families just take their children right into the hot springs with them.

The resort is a short taxi ride from Yanggongqiao metro station, which is about 30 minutes from downtown on line 1. The Radisson next door is the best place to pick up a taxi after you're finished.