Ferry in Chóngqìng City

Chóngqìng Ferry Port Ticket Hall

The cheapest place to buy ordinary tourist boat tickets, and the only place that sells passenger ferry tickets. No English spoken.
Metro in Chóngqìng City

Chóngqìng Metro

Chóngqìng's part underground, part overground metro system has four lines.
Escalator in Chóngqìng City


Escalator leading to Càiyuánbà train and bus stations.
Ferry in Chóngqìng City

Three Gorges Ferry Port

Departure point for ferries to the Three Gorges.
Bus Station in Chóngqìng City

Càiyuánbà Bus Station

Come here for most buses out of Chóngqìng.
Train Station in Chóngqìng City

Chóngqìng's North Station

No English signs or English spoken.
Bus in Chóngqìng City

Airport Shuttle Bus

Shuttle bus from airport to town.