Top things to do in Chongqing City

Top Choice Hotpot in Chongqing City

Zēng Lǎo Yāo Yú Zhuāng

Outside, it's a seething mass of people crowded around tables. Inside, it's even more packed as you descend into a former bomb shelter – white-tiled walls and a rock roof. This Chóngqìng institution is a unique, uti…
Top Choice Bar in Chongqing City

Cici Park

The most amenable bar in Chóngqìng, Cici’s has a very chilled vibe and bohemian furnishings. Beers are affordable, mixers start at ¥30 and sometimes there are DJs and live music. It attracts a mixed crowd of both lo…
Old Town in Chongqing City

Cíqìkǒu Ancient Town

The opportunity to snatch a glimpse of old Chóngqìng makes it worth riding out to Shapingba district, on the Jiālíng River west of the centre. Through the archway that is the entrance to the town, most of the buildi…
Museum in Chongqing City

Húguǎng Guild Hall

You could spend several hours poking around the beautifully restored buildings in this gorgeous museum complex, which once served as a community headquarters for immigrants from the Hú (Húnán and Húběi) and Guǎng (G…
Buddhist Temple in Chongqing City

Luóhàn Temple

Built around 1000 years ago, this still-active temple is now sandwiched between skyscrapers. A notable feature is the corridor flanked by intricate rock carvings found just after you enter the complex, but the main …
Hotpot in Chongqing City

Mang Hot Pot

A real locals' fave with some of the tastiest (and spiciest) hotpot in town. You sit on wooden benches around your table and bubbling broth. Expect to see male diners with their shirts off, beer bottles close to han…
Pizza in Chongqing City

Suzie's Pizza

English-speaking Suzie makes what many regard as the best pizza in town. The location, in a renovated apartment on the 12th floor of a residential tower, adds to the charm, as do the fake brick walls and pictures of…
Hotpot in Chongqing City

Liúyīshǒu Huǒguō

The hotpot here is excellent, and the atmosphere is congenial, but the real attraction is the view; you dine as you gaze out across the Jiālíng River. You’ll be pushed to find a river-view table at peak eating times…
Live Music in Chongqing City

Nuts Live House

Fabulous, below-ground club that's the place to catch live music. Local bands take to the stage every weekend, but it also hosts any act of note passing through town. Live music carries a ¥30 cover charge.
Hotpot in Chongqing City

Zhào’èr Huǒguō

Highly popular, Zhào’èr’s hotpot is rightly lauded. There are various options: the nine-sectioned pot (九宫锅; jiǔgōng guō) allows you to separate the flavours of your raw ingredients (ideal if one of you is vegetarian…