Local bus fares are ¥1 or ¥2. Useful routes:

Bus 105 North Train Station–Línjiāngmén (near Liberation Monument)

Bus 120 Cháotiānmén–Càiyuánbà Train Station

Bus 141 North Train Station–Cháotiānmén

Bus 419 North Train Station–Càiyuánbà Train Station

Bus 461 Cháotiānmén–Zhongshan Sanlu (for airport bus)

Bus 462 Zhongshan Sanlu (airport bus)–Liberation Monument


Chóngqìng’s part-underground, part-overground metro system has four lines and links the Jiěfàngbēi peninsula with many parts of the city, including the airport and the two train stations. Fares are ¥2 to ¥10 and trains run 6.30am to 11.30pm. Signs are mostly bilingual and the electronic ticket-selling kiosks have an English option.

The metro station for Càiyuánbà Train Station is called Liǎnglùkǒu (两路口) and is accessed via one of the world’s longest escalators.


Taxi flag fall is ¥10. A taxi from Jiěfàngbēi to Shapingba should cost around ¥45.