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Jiāngběi Airport

Chóngqìng’s Jiāngběi Airport (重庆江北飞机场) is 25km north of the city centre, and connected to the metro system. As always, it’s easiest to book online. Try or Alternatively, buy tickets at the China International Travel Service. Some English is spoken. Because of the high-speed rail link, there are no longer flights between Chóngqìng and Chéngdū. Direct flights include:

Běijīng (2½ hours, 12 daily)

Kūnmíng (70 minutes, 12 daily)

Shànghǎi (2½ hours, 12 daily)

Wǔhàn (90 minutes, nine daily)

Xī’ān (90 minutes, 10 daily)

Transport Options

Metro Line 3 goes from the airport (机场; jīchǎng) into town (¥7, 45 minutes, 6.22am to 10.30pm). Note, the metro is signposted as ‘Light Rail’ (轻轨; qīngguǐ) at the airport.

The airport shuttle bus meets all arriving planes and takes you to Meizhuanxiao Jie (美专校街), a small road off Zhongshan Sanlu (中山三路), via a couple of stops in the north of the city. Bus 461 goes from Zhongshan Sanlu to Cháotiānmén (朝天门). To get to the metro, turn left onto Zhongshan Sanlu and go straight over the large roundabout. Niújiǎotuó (牛角沱) station will be on your left.

Shuttle buses going to the airport run from 6am to 8pm.

A taxi is ¥55 to ¥70.


Chóngqìng is the starting point for hugely popular cruises down the Yangzi River through the magnificent Three Gorges.


Chóngqìng has several long-distance bus stations, but most buses use Càiyuánbà Bus Station beside the main (old) train station. There is no English spoken nor English signage, so you're best off buying tickets via an agency or a hostel. Destinations include:

Chéngdū 成都; Sìchuān ¥98, four hours, every hour, 6.30am to 8.30pm

Chìshuǐ 赤水; Guìzhōu (¥65 to ¥70, 4½ hours, six daily, 7.40am to 6.30pm

Dàzú 大足; ¥43, 2½ hours, every 30 minutes, 7am to 7pm

Héchuān 合川; ¥29, 90 minutes, every 30 minutes, 6.30am to 8.30pm

Sōnggài 松溉; ¥41, two hours, one daily, 1.20pm

Wànzhōu 万州; ¥111, 3½ hours, five daily from 8am to 5.30pm

Yíbīn 宜宾; Sìchuān ¥63 to ¥115, three to four hours, every 30 minutes, 6.45am to 8.30pm

Yǒngchuān 永川; ¥32, 90 minutes, every 20 minutes, 8.30am to 9.20pm

Buses for Jiāngjīn 江津; (¥24, 70 minutes, every 30 minutes, 7am to 9pm) and Fèngjié 奉节 (¥160, four to five hours, hourly, 7.30am to 8.30pm), where you can catch the Three Gorges ferry, leave from Lóngtóusì Bus Station (龙头寺汽车站; Lóngtóusì Qìchēzhàn), which is on metro Line 3 (station name: 龙头寺; Lóngtóusì).

For Wǔlóng 武隆; (¥60, three hours, every 40 minutes, 7.30am to 7.40pm), you need the Sìgōnglǐ Bus Station (四公里汽车站; Sìgōnglǐ Qìchēzhàn), which is on metro Line 3 (station name: 四公里: Sìgōnglǐ).


New, faster trains, including the D class ‘bullet’ train to and from Chéngdū, use Chóngqìng’s new North Station, but some others, such as the train to Kūnmíng, use the older train station at Càiyuánbà (菜园坝). There is no English in the stations, so if you don't speak Chinese try buying tickets ahead via an agency or hostel.

Destinations include:

Běijīng West 北京西; hard sleeper ¥393, 23 to 31 hours, five daily, 11.34am to 11.40pm

Chéngdū East 成都东; hard seat from ¥97, 1½ to two hours, 20 daily, 6.49am to 7.51pm

Guìlín 桂林; hard sleeper ¥270, 20 hours, one daily, 8.35pm

Kūnmíng 昆明; hard sleeper from ¥245, 18 to 19 hours, three daily, 9.24am, 2.12pm and 6.32pm

Shànghǎi 上海; hard sleeper from ¥510, 28 to 40 hours, three daily, 8.02am, 1.10pm and 4.29pm

Wǔhàn 武汉; hard sleeper from ¥260, 6½-7½ hours, three daily, 2.15pm, 6.18pm and 7.28pm

Xī’ān 西安; hard sleeper from ¥184, 10 to 11 hours, three daily, 10.05am, 12.45pm and 5.26pm