Police in Chongqing City

Public Security Bureau

Extends visas. Accessed from Ziwei Zhilu (紫薇支路). Take metro Line 3 to Tángjiā Yuànzi (唐家院子). Leave from exit 2, go up the escalator, turn left then first right, then keep going until you see the large building with …
Post in Chongqing City

China Post

You can top up your Chinese phone and buy SIM cards at the China Mobile store (open 9am to 9pm) on the 1st floor.
Travel Agency in Chongqing City

Harbour Plaza Travel Centre

Staff here are helpful, speak English and can book air tickets and arrange Three Gorges cruises.
Travel Agency in Chongqing City

China International Travel Service

Friendly English-speaking staff can arrange train tickets, flights and Three Gorges cruises.
Bank in Chongqing City


On Minzu Lu beside the Liberation Monument. Has a dedicated money-exchange facility.
Medical in Chongqing City

Global Doctor Chóngqìng Clinic

A 24-hour emergency service is available by dialling the general clinic number.
Pharmacy in Chongqing City

24-Hour Pharmacy

Western medicine, ground floor; Chinese medicine, 1st floor.
Bank in Chongqing City


ATM machine that takes foreign cards.
Bank in Chongqing City


Has a money-exchange facility.
Consulate in Chongqing City

Canadian Consulate