Hotpot Menu

The best hotpot restaurants are entirely local affairs so you have about as much chance of finding an English menu as you have of being able to eat the thing without your nose running. (Do not underestimate a hotpot’s bite. This part of China is renowned for fiery food, and it doesn’t come spicier than hotpot.)

As with many dishes in Chóngqìng, the first thing to establish when ordering hotpot is how hot you want it – bù là (不辣; not spicy, but in Chóngqìng this will still be spicy), wēi là (微辣; mildly spicy), zhōng là (中辣; medium spicy), zuì là (最辣; very spicy) and jiā má jiā là (加麻加辣; extra, extra spicy).

Then you’ll be given a menu checklist of raw ingredients that you will later cook in your pot. Here are some of our favourites for you to look out for on the menu:

  • yángròu juǎn (羊肉卷; wafer-thin lamb slices)
  • féi niúròu (肥牛肉; beef slices)
  • xiān máodǔ (鲜毛肚; fresh tripe, usually lamb)
  • xiān yācháng (鲜鸭肠; strips of duck intestine)
  • lǎo dòufu (老豆腐; tofu slabs)
  • ǒu piàn (藕片; slices of lotus root)
  • xiān huánghuā (鲜黄花; chrysanthemum stalks)
  • tǔ dòu (土豆; potato slices)
  • bǎi cài (百菜; cabbage leaves)
  • mù’ěr (木耳; mushroom)
  • kōngxīn cài; (空心菜; water spinach)