Chongqing City attractions

Old Town in Chongqing City

Cíqìkǒu Ancient Town

The opportunity to snatch a glimpse of old Chóngqìng makes it worth riding out to Shapingba district, on the Jiālíng River west of the centre. Through the archway that is the entrance to the town, most of the buildi…
Museum in Chongqing City

Húguǎng Guild Hall

You could spend several hours poking around the beautifully restored buildings in this gorgeous museum complex, which once served as a community headquarters for immigrants from the Hú (Húnán and Húběi) and Guǎng (G…
Buddhist Temple in Chongqing City

Luóhàn Temple

Built around 1000 years ago, this still-active temple is now sandwiched between skyscrapers. A notable feature is the corridor flanked by intricate rock carvings found just after you enter the complex, but the main …
Ruins in Chongqing City

Chóngqìng Ancient City Gates

Sadly, only fragments remain of Chóngqìng’s once-magnificent Ming dynasty city wall, which stretched 8km around the Jiěfàngbēi peninsula and was more than 30m tall in places. Of the 17 gates that punctuated the wall…
Area in Chongqing City

Hóngyá Cave

Not a cave, but a Disney-esque re-creation of the old stilt houses that once lined Chóngqìng's riverfronts, this 11-storey shopping, dining and entertainment complex anchors the city's tourism scene. Here, you can g…
Museum in Chongqing City

Three Gorges Museum

This sleek museum showcases the history of settlement in the Chóngqìng region. There's the inevitable exhibition on the Three Gorges, including a model of the dam, as well as clothing and artwork relating to southwe…
Park in Chongqing City

Pípá Mountain Park

For views of the city skyline, climb 345m Pípá Mountain Park, the highest point on the Chóngqìng peninsula. During the day, residents bring their songbirds to the park for air and group warbling.
Buddhist Temple in Chongqing City

Bǎolún Sì

One of the last remaining of Ciqikou's five temples (another now serves as a primary school). The magnificent main building dates back 1000 years to the Northern Song dynasty.
Monument in Chongqing City

Liberation Monument

This clock tower monument at the heart of Chóngqìng commemorates China's victory over Japan in WWII. The surrounding pedestrian streets are now home to the city's most luxurious shopping, with international clothing…
Ruins in Chongqing City

Dōngshuǐ Mén

The remains of the former city gate.