Top Choice Hotpot in Chéngdū

Chóngqìng Yúanlǎosì Old Hotpot

Though it may seem like sacrilege to eat Chóngqìng-style hotpot in rival Chéngdū, this place is cleaner than most and the flavour and ingredient quality speak for themselves (plus the beer is cold).
Sichuan in Chéngdū

Chén Mápó Dòufu

The plush flagship of this famous chain is a great place to experience mápó dòufu (麻婆豆腐; small/large ¥12/20) – soft, house bean curd with a fiery sauce of garlic, minced beef, fermented soybean, chilli oil and Sìchu…
Vegetarian in Chéngdū

Wénshū Temple Vegetarian Restaurant

This excellent volunteer-staffed vegetarian restaurant and the atmospheric teahouse that surrounds it are on the Wénshū Temple's grounds. There's also a coffee shop in a separate pavilion in the first courtyard.
Sichuan in Chéngdū

Chóngqìng Bāyé

This gānguō (干锅, dry pot) specialist serves sizzling concoctions in very hot iron pots. Our favourites include chāojí huānlà xiā (超级欢辣虾; shrimp), zhúsǔn jībāo (竹笋鸡煲; chicken and bamboo shoots), xiānglà páigǔ (香辣排骨; …
Street Food in Chéngdū

Táng Sòng Food Street

This reconstructed ancient alleyway is jam-packed with tourists and Chéngdū favourites like chāoshǒu (抄手; wontons; ¥12) and chuànchuàn xiāng (串串香; the skewer version of the Chóngqìng hotpot; ¥2 to ¥4). Musical perfo…
Hotpot in Chéngdū

Yùlín Chuànchuàn Xiāng

Sìchuān University's hungry students crowd this lively branch of the popular chain, which specialises in chuànchuàn xiāng (串串香), Chéngdū’s version of the Chóngqìng hotpot. Pick your broth, then load up on skewers fr…
Sichuan in Chéngdū

Lǎo Mā Rabbit Head

The menu has the full range of Sìchuān dishes, but it's only really worth the trip for the namesake: rabbit head (兔头; tùtóu). Order by the piece, kinda-spicy (五香; wǔxiāng) or pretty spicy (麻辣; málà). When it comes, …
Barbecue in Chéngdū

Huì Zhī Fèng

A satisfying place to fill up before (or between) drinks on Kehua Jie. There are tables outside or seats around the tiě bǎn (铁板) to watch the chef sear your order to perfection. A highlight is the spicy fried chicke…
Tibetan in Chéngdū

Arè Tibetan Restaurant #2

The newer location of the popular local Arè Tibetan Restaurant, this branch is the cleaner and more accessible of the two. There's coffee and drinks in the small cafe area downstairs, while the top floor is a more f…
Middle Eastern in Chéngdū


Crowd-pleasing fare from the western reaches of the Silk Road, including lamb kebabs, hummus, house-made yoghurt, Turkish coffee, and warm naan. Hook into the free wi-fi outside on the patio, or into a sheesha pipe …