Chengdu drinking and nightlife

Top Choice Teahouse in Chengdu

Kǎi Lú Lǎo Zhái Cháyuán

For 200 years one of the city's most venerable teahouses has been tucked away in a peaceful courtyard behind a stone archway off frenetic Kuan Alley, the distant hum of which is more than countered by the sound of z…
Top Choice Craft Beer in Chengdu

Honey & Malt

Throw back craft beers from China and abroad – a wide selection will have hop heads coming back night after night. Stock runs low at times, but pull up to the bar and check out the high-tech LCD menu to see what's a…
Teahouse in Chengdu

Hè Míng Teahouse

Always lively, this century-old spot is most pleasant for whiling away an afternoon with a bottomless cup of tea (¥13 to ¥30). Neat tea-pouring performances happen on Saturdays from 2pm to 3pm. Ear cleanings (¥20) a…
Coffee in Chengdu

Let's Grind

In the know locals call this some of the best coffee in Chéngdū, and we're inclined to agree. It certainly has the best selection of brews we've seen in town, and the beans are roasted locally and ground fresh for e…
Coffee in Chengdu

Origins Coffee Company

A range of internationally sourced beans, ground to order for each cup, and a tempting selection of baked goods. This is your favourite coffee shop from home, dropped into the centre of the busy Tóngzǐlín neighborho…
Craft Beer in Chengdu

Foam Ranger Taproom

Stop in for a decent selection of US, European and Chinese craft brews, including from Chéngdū's Wild West Taproom, and a top-floor terrace removed from the crowds of Tai Koo Li. The generous day-long happy hour (10…
Cafe in Chengdu


This hopping bookshop-cafe, like its branches in Běijīng and Sūzhōu, is a gathering place for expats and pleasant for a beer or a coffee (from ¥30). It also serves decent western food (mains ¥35 to ¥95), though serv…
Craft Beer in Chengdu

Nánmén Craft Brewery

Craft beer and a convivial atmosphere combine for a nice stop in Tóngzǐlín – sidle up to the bar and ask for a flight to find your personal preference of the numerous house brews, or choose from the wide menu of Chi…
Teahouse in Chengdu

Lǎo Nánmén Teahouse

This pocket-sized riverside tea garden stays open late for the summer crowds. Just under the bridge beside a rushing weir, it's a pleasant local favourite that serves all the usual teas (¥12 to ¥38 per cup) and snac…
Craft Beer in Chengdu

The Abbaye

We like this place for the cool courtyard vibe, international beer and the Sìchuān-flavored menu of international classics. If you're feeling peckish, try the Sìchuān Burger for a local take on international fare.